House Cleaning


All of our cleans are very thorough, we do not surface clean. Below you’ll find a breakdown of what’s completed every clean in each room.


  • Exterior cabinet doors spot wiped
  • Backsplash wiped
  • Appliance exteriors polished
  • Kickplate wiped
  • Counters fully wiped and sanitized
  • Floors mopped
  • Baseboards dusted
    *scrubbing/wiping baseboards is an extra charge
  • Sink polished
  • Hood fan cleaned
  • Stove top detailed and polished
  • Microwave interior
  • Garbage emptied 


  • Sinks cleaned and sanitized
  • Shower and tub cleaned and sanitized
  • Toilet cleaned and sanitized
  • Counter top cleaned and sanitized
  • Cabinets spot wiped
  • Window sills wiped
  • Glass and mirrors smudge free
  • Chrome is shined
  • Trash emptied
  • Floors washed, tile/grout scrubbed
  • Baseboards wiped
  • Doors spot wiped, handles disinfected


  • Strip beds prior to arrival and leave fresh bedding for us to make up beds. If not, we will use the original bedding to make them up. 
  • Glass cleaned and smudge free
  • Decor dusted
  • Hard surfaces dusted, vacuumed and wet wiped
  • Baseboards vacuumed (scrubbing is an extra charge)
  • Rugs vacuumed
  • Floors vacuumed (and mopped if applicable)
  • Doors and walls spot wiped
  • Light fixtures/fans dusted (within reach)
  • We only move furniture if safe to do so


  • Washer exterior polished
  • Dryer lint trap cleaned, exterior polished
  • Doors and walls spot wiped
  • Trash emptied
  • Floors vacuumed and mopped
  • Baseboards vacuumed (scrubbing is an extra charge)


  • Decor dusted
  • Hard surfaces wet wiped
  • Furniture vacuumed
  • Doors and walls spot wiped
  • Light fixtures/fans dusted (within reach)
  • Floors vacuumed (mopped if applicable)
  • We only move furniture if safe to do so


  • Window cleaning
  • Pantry organization
  • Fridge clean and organization
  • Oven clean
  • Walls
  • Baseboards scrubbed
  • Blinds
  • Deep Cleaning
  • Move in/Move out cleans
  • Post-Construction clean up
  • Special requests:


**Inside Closets: we only do them if we can see the floor.

**Moving Appliances: we do not pull out fridges or ovens, as it’s too easy to scratch your floors.

**Light Fixtures: we clean what we can reach, and do not remove light fixtures.

**We only move furniture within reason.