Post Construction Cleaning


We specialize in commercial post construction cleaning and residential post construction clean up. 


Whether you had new flooring installed, your cabinets replaced, or an entire new office built out, construction work can kick up quite a mess. While the contractors may do a quick clean after finishing a project, they probably won’t get all the dust and dirt that tends to hide in nooks and crannies. 


Our highly trained professionals have the experience to provide comprehensive services that will have your property looking like new.


Post construction cleaning is one of the most important and stressful phases of your newly built or renovated project. Construction cleaning can be very time-consuming and project delays can cost hundreds of thousands. That is why Levi Cleaning Solutions understands the delicate process of a good post construction clean-up and how to work with all of the final details to get the post construction clean-up you and your project deserve.


With our highly experienced cleaning specialists, the post construction project site will be left spotless.


These are the three phases of post-construction cleaning, which can be contracted together or separately:

Rough Clean Construction Cleanup

It occurs during the construction period. More specifically, it begins once the workers have finished the plumbing, wiring and framing. At that stage, the cleaners can access the site and remove debris, trash and stickers.

At that stage, the cleaners can access the site and remove debris, trash and stickers. As the name suggests, the rough clean is the time to roughly pick up and clean the area before the next construction stage begins.

Since workers will be returning to the location, it does not make sense to deep clean. However, this stage is crucial because it keeps the construction zone from being overwhelmed by waste and garbage. After the rough clean, the construction workers and specialists will install flooring, cabinetry and paint. They’ll also finish up the remainder of the project before the next stage begins

Final Clean Construction Cleanup

Phase two is known as the final clean, and it occurs after construction on the site has finished. This is the most thorough cleaning stage, and it may take professionals a few days to complete. They focus on deep cleaning all of the surfaces and repeat the steps taken in phase one if needed. By the time they complete this phase, the only tasks remaining should be touch-ups.

Kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms receive special attention, but smaller areas are also dusted and cleaned. Professional cleaners will prepare the floor so that it looks its very best. They also have access to carpet cleaning systems. During this stage, specialists clean all fixtures and appliances. Additionally, they’ll freshen up the exterior of the property using a pressure washer. Typically, this occurs before the final contractor inspection.

Touch Up Construction Cleanup

The touch-up clean is the final phase of the post-construction cleaning process. By this point, the construction team and contractors have completed their final walkthrough and finished the project. Therefore, it’s safe for the cleaning team to wipe down windows, doors and mirrors, which may have left-over smudges. The dust will have settled, so they can wipe down surfaces and make sure everything is spotless.

While some people prefer to do this stage themselves, it makes sense to have professionals finish the cleaning process. This is because they have a checklist to follow and know what hidden areas still require additional cleaning. After the touch-up clean, it’s time to hand the keys over to the owner.